Embracing Interactive Learning - H5P at the University of Liverpool

Posted on: 10 November 2023 by Rob Lindsay in General

A cartoon of a diverse group of students gathered in a lecture in-front of a primarily blue background with streaks of yellow, red, pink, green and purple. They are using laptops, tablets and books as interactive learning materials while wearing headsets.
(A diverse group of students in a lecture)

Unlocking potential with H5P

At the University of Liverpool, we are embracing interactive learning to transform the way our students engage with their courses. H5P stands at the centre of this transformation, offering dynamic and interactive learning resources that have shown to significantly enhance student engagement and understanding of key course content. Moreover, this tool acts as a catalyst, encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary learning, bridging the gap between various faculties, and fostering a community of shared knowledge and innovation.

We are witnessing an increasing number of faculty members now introducing H5P into their teaching methodologies, particularly as we embrace online learning and interactive formative assessment. We have already seen remarkable success stories within our community where the adoption of H5P has played a pivotal role in developing engaging learning resources, demonstrating the vast potential of interactive learning in higher education. This event will therefore offer insights, practical knowledge, and inspiration from colleagues working with the platform. Attendees will also get the chance to interact directly with Trond, exploring real-world use cases and witness the innovative AI-powered ‘Smart import’ tool in action. This event is an opportunity to discover how H5P can transform teaching and learning at our institution.

What are the benefits of interactive learning with H5P?

H5P stands as a transformative tool in education, creating a dynamic learning environment that significantly boosts student engagement and retention. Its versatility caters to various learning styles, ensuring an inclusive setting. By promoting active participation, H5P ensures that students are further invested in their learning journey. The platform’s provision of feedback is also beneficial for student comprehension, aiding them in identifying areas for improvement while solidifying their understanding in real-time.

H5P is seamlessly integrated into Canvas, allowing for the creation, and embedding of interactive learning resources both inside and outside the platform. With learner tracking data and the availability of 60 author licenses for staff evaluation, we are on the path to potentially acquiring an institution-wide license by summer 2024. For examples, demonstrations, and to get started with H5P, faculty members are encouraged to reach out to cie@liverpool.ac.uk.

H5P user case study

Former colleague and language teacher Sandra Strigel used H5P on her module for teaching intermediate German, and as part of a research project by Dr Chris Jones and Dr Ulrike Bavendiek ‘Learner conversations as models of spoken language in second language German’. In June 2023, Sandra kindly spoke to CIE (Centre for Innovation in Education) to feature in an upcoming case study. Here is a short excerpt:

“Sandra reported that she found H5P very straightforward to use, and other language teachers would also find the same. It allowed her to increase the variety within her teaching materials, and that with regular use her students responded very positively about the H5P resources. She also found this to be an opportunity to develop her confidence in using new digital tools, whilst providing a focus towards positive student-centred learning – she particularly enjoyed designing on-screen prompts for example. Sandra recommends H5P to others, particularly because resources can be used year-on-year.”

Upcoming event details

We are delighted to invite staff from across faculty to join us for a half-day event with the H5P project team. This is a unique opportunity to glean insights from the pilot, explore a range of innovative use cases, and delve into how H5P is revolutionising teaching and learning at our university. The agenda for the day promises a rich and engaging experience, offering insights from the H5P pilot project, inspirational sessions on maximising H5P’s potential, a first look at the AI Smart Import trial launch, a showcase of user work accompanied by practical tips, and a discourse on how we are harnessing H5P through allocated licenses for the 2023-2024 academic year. We especially encourage attendees to come prepared with questions or ideas for discussion, fostering a more interactive and engaging experience. Joining us will be Trond Skeie (H5P Account Manager).