Outputs from 2021

Absolute Quantitation of GTPase Protein Abundance


The dipeptide prolyl-hydroxyproline promotes cellular homeostasis and lamellipodia-driven motility via active β1-integrin in adult tendon cells

  • Kentaro Ide, Sanai Takahashi, Keiko Sakai, Yuki Taga, Tomonori Ueno, David Dickens, Rosalind Jenkins, Francesco Falciani, Takako Sasaki, Kazuhiro Ooi, Shuichi Kawashiri, Kazunori Mizuno, Shunji Hattori, Takao Sakai
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Proteomic profiling of murine biliary-derived hepatic organoids and their capacity for drug disposition, bioactivation and detoxification


Antisense RNAs during early vertebrate development are divided in groups with distinct features


Induction of Cytokines by Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs) Depends on the Type of Delivery Carrier

  • Yelixza I. Avila, Morgan Chandler, Edward Cedrone, Hannah S. Newton, Melina Richardson, Jie Xu, Jeffrey D. Clogston, Neill J. Liptrott, Kirill A. Afonin and Marina A. Dobrovolskaia
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Assessing Technical and Biological Variation in SWATH-MS-based Proteomic Analysis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Cells

  • Eagle, G. L., Herbert, J. M. J., Zhuang. J., Oates, M., Khan, U. T., Kitteringham, N. R., Clarke, K., B Kevin Park4, Pettitt, A. R., Rosalind E Jenkins, R. E., Falciani, F.
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The Missing Link Between Cancer-Associated Variants and LncRNAs


8q24.21 Locus: A Paradigm to Link Non-Coding RNAs, Genome Polypmorphisms and Cancer


Combined Transcriptomic and Phosphoproteomic Analysis of BMP4 Signaling in Human Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Angelos Papadopoulos, Varvara Chalmantzi, Olga Mikhaylichenko, Marko Hyvönen, Dimitris Stellas, Aditi Kanhere, John Heath, Debbie L Cunningham, Theodore Fotsis, Carol Murphy
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A Long Intergenic Non-Coding RNA Regulates Nuclear Localization of DNA Methyl Transferase-1


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