Physics Teaching at the University of Liverpool

Physics Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Community meeting 2 - 4th June 2020

Our second meeting focussed on laboratories; remote and virtual activities that have been in place and those that will be run within lockdown.  It is likely that many of the physics HE community will use virtual and remote solutions to augment on-campus activities this coming year and it’s such a big topic that we will revisit it in the coming months.

On 4th June we were lucky enough to be joined by people involved with taking labs online. Nick Braithwaite (The Open University) showed some of the OpenSTEM Labs’ physics experiments accessed over the internet and Aidan Hindmarch (Durham University) discussed the preparations for an online practical course that they are delivering annually.

The recording of the presentations can be found at: Presentations 4th June 2020

After an introduction by the organisers, Nick Braithwaite’s presentation starts at 4m 20s and Aidan Hindmarch starts at 23m38s.

Break-out Room Discussions (follow links for a summary report):

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