Physics Teaching at the University of Liverpool

10th September 2020: Sharing Lab plans

With term very close (or even started for some) we used this community meeting to share lab plans and problems

We had a number of contributors from across the community.  Jasvir Bhamrah (UCL) shared her work in Creating Physics labs at home for a year 1 Natural Sciences course. On the topic of “Learning from Lockdown” Jenny Barnes (Oxford) summarised the recent past and how that will shape the coming academic year (starts at 10m 50s) and Alexandra Werth (CU Boulder) gave us an outline of how a totally remote year 1 lab is actually going (starts at 23 m). 

The recording of the presentations is here.

Break-out Room Discussions

For this meeting, the break-out rooms were

  1. How to evaluate your lab course
  2. Assessment of remote labs
  3. Facilitating learning during a remote lab (aka what will your demonstrators be doing?)
  4. Lab Triage – can the break-out room solve your problem?

Attendees who wished to have their participation noted

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