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23rd July 2020 Group Work

Professor Manus Hayne (University of Lancaster) spoke about Industrial Group Projects that have run for the last eight years.  He will also shared how these will be adapted for the coming year.  Dr David Sands (University of Hull) started off this week’s discussions by providing a theoretical perspective of group work and what we might need to consider when designing activities.

Introduction and update – Helen Vaughan, University of Liverpool – starts the video

Industrial Group Projects - Manus Hayne, University of Lancaster– starts at 1m

Group Work: a theoretical perspective - David Sands, University of Hull – starts at 29m.

Break-out Room Discussions (follow link for a summary report):

For this meeting, all the break-out groups focused on the same theme: Group Work.  We posed three questions to start the discussions.  We hoped that the feedback from the discussions will allow us to capture good practice and ideas for the future.

  • Question 1: What are the benefits and challenges of group work while working online?
  • Question 2: How can group work be included in different types of module and how should it be structured?
  • Question 3: What are the best methods for assessing group work?

Collated reports from the break-out rooms will be posted here.

Attendees who wished to have their participation noted.

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