29th January 2021 : Our Semester 1 Experiences

Alison Voice (University of Leeds) chaired our first meeting of 2021.  This meeting’s themes was Our Semester 1 Experiences and there were five short presentations.

Philip Moriarty (University of Nottingham) shared his experience of taking a second year quantum mechanics module online, for which the asynchronous content (notes, videos, simulations, and blog posts) was complemented by live engagement sessions involving multiple choice conceptual questions and the PINGO audience response tool.

We had summaries of some of the necessary changes to practical work: Jonathan Taylor (University of Glasgow) and Viktor Tsepelin (University of Lancaster) reflected on the limitations on lab space and the digital tools used to recreate labs their in Year 2 and Year 3 labs in consecutive presentations. (starts at 18 m 50s and 30 m 30s)

On the topic of Assessment, Samantha Pugh (University of Leeds) talked about delivering online open book examinations (starts 42 m 10s)  and Simon Vaughan (University of Leicester) shared his experience with moving all the Physics formative assessments online (starts at 56 m 0s).

The recording of the presentations is here.

Attendees who wished to have their participation noted

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