Physics Teaching at the University of Liverpool

24th June 2020 “PGR Supervision in the COVID-19 crisis”

We ran a spin-off meeting that focussed on PGR supervision through the Covid-19 crisis. The meeting was put together by PhD student Bethan Cornell (KCL), Dr Tom Stallard (University of Leicester) and Dr Helen Vaughan (The University of Liverpool).

Why a spin-off?

We opened the meeting to PGR supervisors from a wide range of disciplines and educational developers. This meeting took a “virtual staff room” approach where we asked attendees to discuss four questions in small break-out rooms. These identified good practice and barriers faced in PGR supervision at this time and is captured below.

Our discussions were supported by a great short talk from Prof Doug Cleaver, co-chair of the UKCGE Deans and Directors of Graduate Schools Network. He provided an overview of an institutional and national perspective of supporting supervision during lockdown. He also drew attendee’s attention to this UKCGE site about the topic.

Good practice and other ideas about postgraduate supervision during meeting on 24th June.

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