Physics Teaching at the University of Liverpool

Physics Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Community meeting 1 - 29th May 2020

In our first meeting Helen Heath (University of Bristol) shared her and her student’s experiences of taking a traditional lecture course online and Alex Crombie (Sheffield Hallam University) spoke about his ideas on developing a collegiate atmosphere within the student cohort and ideas how to implement it at a distance. You can watch their presentations at: Presentations 29th May 2020

After an introduction from the founders, Helen Heath’s presentation on Taking Lectures online starts at approx. 12m30s and Alex Crombie’s ideas on Creating Collegiality Online start at 29m35s

After the presentations (with Q&A to the presenters) the attendees were whisked in to Zoom break-out rooms to discuss one of four topics.

Break-out Room Discussions

  • Taking Lectures online
  • Creating Collegiality
  • Alternative Assessment
  • Keeping students engaged with their studies

Our first meeting was reported on in this blog.

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