ASCENTS GCSE Science Mentoring

Interested in being a mentor to GCSE students and being paid?

The University of Liverpool are part of national programme to train STEM undergraduates this summer to mentor Year 11 students in science in the next academic year.

The programme will involve:

2 days of training in late April/May to cover safeguarding and approaches to mentoring.

23 one-hour mentoring sessions (one-hour per week for 23 weeks from October 2019-April 2020). You will work with the same pupil every week, in their school, under the direct supervision of a qualified teacher. Your mentoring role will be to support your allocated pupil on an individual basis providing an opportunity to work with them on the science content they find difficult so as to help prepare them for their GCSE science – biology, chemistry and physics – exams.

A six-hour revision session. Held at the university just before the GCSE exam period, you will support the delivery of the revision session to equip pupils for their exams.

Why get involved?

As well as a fantastic opportunity to see what working with pupils in a school is like and enhancing your CV, completion of the programme will also feature on your HEAR statement.

You will also be paid for each hour of mentoring and an hour for travel to and from the school. We will also pay for you to undertake your Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) clearance check; this is a requirement for recruitment and for working with pupils in schools. The secondary school will be local to the University and travel time should not normally exceed 30 minutes.

What qualifications do I need?

As a mentor you will need to have a minimum of a C grade at GCSE in English, Maths and Science and a minimum of one A-level in either Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology at grade C or higher and currently be in your 1st or 2nd year of studying for a degree in a science related subject that confers a BSc degree or integrated Masters degree. As a mentor you will be able to obtain science resources, along with knowledge of the particular science GCSE exam board used in your mentee’s school.

How do I get involved?

Please register your interest in the programme by emailing using your University email address and we’ll send you more details. We will be holding introductory meetings where you will get more information about the programme and the chance to ask questions.

I’m in a local secondary school and we’d love to have science mentors?

Please email the project team at

Find out more about the project here:

The project will be evaluated independently on behalf of the EEF and Wellcome Trust by an external organisation – NatCen. You can find out more about the independent evaluation here: