Mark Pogson

My research focus is the analysis of social media data, including the relationship between online and real-world behaviour, particularly in the context of environmental issues. I also have a strong interest in data visualisation, including its effects on perceptions of risk. I have previously performed research in a range of areas, including cell biology, room acoustics, environmental modelling, biomechanics, and nuclear energy. As part of this, I have experience in a range of techniques, including agent-based modelling, spatial analysis, optimisation, and machine learning. My current work is investigating the effects of diversity on opinion dynamics, and how this can lead to qualitatively different forms of outcome, including consensus around a single opinion, polarisation around two or more divergent points, and fragmentation of opinion. By comparing results from an agent-based model with data from social media sites, I am exploring how individuals both shape and are shaped by the opinions of others, and the effects that diversity in attitude and behaviour can have on this.