Dr David Criddle B.Sc. Hons., Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer Cellular and Molecular Physiology


Personal Distinctions

  • Keynote Speech - Papel do calcio na fisiopatologia da pancreatite (Keynote Speech, Sociedade Brasileira de Biologia Celular 2014)
  • Invited Talk - Calcium and ROS in acute pancreatitis: friend or foe? (Invitation to Speak, Envision Workshops 2013)
  • Keynote Speech - Acute Pancreatitis: the future has arrived (Keynote Speech, Sociedade Cearense de Gastroenterologia 2013)
  • Session Chair: Mechanisms of acute pancreatitis, current concepts of therapy (Invitation to Perform, Euorpean Pancreatic Club 2013)
  • Invited speaker: The roles of calcium and ROS in acute pancreatitis (Invitation to Speak, CMOS organizing committee 2012)
  • Invited speaker: Mitochondrial dysfunction and pancreatitis (Invitation to Speak, IRWAP organizing committee 2011)
  • Invited speaker: Cellular mechanisms of alcoholic pancreatitis (Invitation to Speak, IUPS 2009 2009)
  • Invited Speaker: How do alcohol metabolites kill cells? (Invitation to Speak, Academia Europaea 2008)
  • Invited speaker: Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University (Invitation to Speak, Newcastle University 2007)
  • Symposium organiser: 41st Congress of the Brazilian Physiological Society & The Physiol. Society (Invitation to Speak, Physiological Society 2006)
  • Invited Seminar - St George's Hospital Medical School (Invitation to Speak, Dept of Physiology, St. George's Hospital Medical School 2006)

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