Photo of Dr Ainhoa Mielgo Iza

Dr Ainhoa Mielgo Iza

Senior Lecturer & Sir Henry Dale Fellow Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Personal Statement

    Dr Ainhoa Mielgo was awarded, in 2005, her PhD degree in Cancer Biology with honours at the University of Basel (Switzerland). She next performed a post-doctoral training (2005-2010), and was promoted to junior faculty (2010-2012) at the Moores Cancer Centre, University of California San Diego. In 2013, Ainhoa was awarded with a prestigious career development award (Sir Henry Dale Fellowship) from the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society and relocated to the UK, at the University of Liverpool where she started her independent research team in cancer research. Her research focuses on understanding how the cancer associated stromal and immune cells interact with the cancer cells and how these interactions affect cancer progression, metastasis and resistance to therapies. Cancer cell-centric therapies have not been very successful in the treatment of aggressive cancers such as pancreatic cancer and metastatic breast cancer. Ainhoa's team goal is to find more effective combination therapies targeting both the cancer cells and the tumour supporting functions of the tumour stroma.

    Personal Distinctions

    • CRUK Beatson Institute (Invitation to Speak, CRUK Beatson Institute 2019)
    • Wellcome Trust Conference, UK (Invitation to Speak, Wellcome Trust Conference 2018)
    • Cancer Center of Toulouse, France (Invitation to Speak, Toulouse Cancer Center 2018)
    • Global Cancer Conference Vienna, Austria (Invitation to Speak, Global Cancer Conference Vienna 2018)
    • Pancreatic cancer symposium, Cambridge, UK (Invitation to Speak, Pancreatic cancer symposium. 2017)
    • North West Cancer Research Industrial workshop (Invitation to Speak, North West Cancer Research 2017)
    • University of Edinburgh, MRC Center. (Invitation to Speak, Invited by Prof Jeffrey Pollard, Director of MRC centre. 2016)
    • BARTS Cancer Institute. (Invitation to Speak, BARTS Cancer Institute 2016)
    • North West Cancer Research Symposium. (Invitation to Speak, North West Cancer Research 2016)
    • Elected Member of Editorial Board of Frontiers in Cell & Developmental Biology (Frontiers in Cell & Developmental Biology 2015)
    • Elected Member of AcademiaNet, expert database for outstanding female academics (AcademiaNet 2015)
    • Knowledge Exchange & Impact Award (Business Gateway. University of Liverpool 2015)
    • Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation (Competitive Fellowship, Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation 2015)
    • Sir Henry Dale Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Wellcome Trust & The Royal Society 2013)
    • Elli Lilly, Indianapolis, U.S.A. (Invitation to Speak, Elli Lilly 2011)
    • Invited Presenter. Symposium: Hallmarks and Horizons of Cancer, ISREC, Lausanne, Switzerland (Invitation to Perform, ISREC: Institut Suisse de la Recherche Experimentale sur le Cancer 2011)
    • American Association for Cancer Research Award. (AACR 2011)
    • Invited Speaker. Nature Medicine Symposium, La Jolla, California. (Invitation to Speak, Nature Medicine 2011)
    • Postdoctoral fellowship. (Competitive Fellowship, Caja Madrid Foundation 2008)
    • Postdoctoral fellowship . (Competitive Fellowship, Swiss National Foundation 2007)
    • Postdoctoral fellowship . (Competitive Fellowship, Novartis Foundation 2006)
    • Presentation award (Prize, European Cancer Center meeting (EuCC). 2004)
    • Fellowship for Research (Competitive Fellowship, Spanish Research Council (CSIC) 2000)
    • Fellowship for undergraduate Research (Competitive Fellowship, Basque Government 1999)

    Administrative Roles

    • Active Member of Athena SWAN Committee
    • Active member of the Faculty Wellcome Trust peer-review committee
    • Active member of the ITM Research & Development committee
    • Member of North West Cancer Research advisory committee

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