Job Description

As the Director of The Academy I support the University’s strategic objectives for research, education and professional services, through the development of the University’s people and practices. I oversee the work of The Academy’s core teams and, as a member of the University’s senior leadership, ensure that staff in all roles, at all levels, are able to access sector-leading development opportunities.

This involves:

  • Ensuring the provision of a range of high-quality accredited and non-accredited pathways for the development of learning and teaching practice
  • Leading the continuous improvement of leadership and management development, to foster a culture of high-performance throughout the University
  • Engaging the University in bespoke Organisational Development activities designed to nurture excellence, support change and encourage innovation
  • Placing Liverpool at the forefront of Research Staff Development practice, through tailored internal programmes and the leadership of flagship external projects and initiatives
  • Encouraging the development of staff at all levels through engagement with external partners, frameworks and schemes, including apprenticeships
  • Commissioning internal and external expertise to ensure that University of Liverpool staff are exposed to the best new thinking and the most impactful practice.