Dr Eli Rudinow Saetnan

Dr Eli Rudinow Saetnan (SFHEA)

Senior Academic Developer



MA L&T in HE, PGCert (HE), PhD (Ecology), Cand.Scient (Zoology), BA (Conservation)

Job description

As Lead for Scholarship Informed Practice, I work in collaboration with colleagues from across the Academy, the wider institution and beyond to enhance the development of excellence in learning and teaching in line with the University’s strategic objectives. I am interested in developing the scholarly evidence base for Academic Development practice as well as supporting academic colleagues to underpin their own teaching practice with scholarship and pedagogic research. As someone who has made the transition from biological sciences to pedagogic research, I am also interested in developing scholarship across disciplinary boundaries and supporting the development of trans-disciplinary authorship, supervisor development and I supervise MA AP PGR students.

Key Contact for:

  • Science & Engineering Faculty Liaison
  • ADEV701/702 Scholarly Investigation of Practice
  • ADEV730 Developing Scholarship
  • PGR Supervisor Development/Network
  • Academic Adviser Development/Network
  • Writing Group
  • Academy on Demand Liaison.

Recent publications, awards, recognition 

  • 2021 - Global Academic Development Good Practice Award Finalist University of Liverpool Integrated Approach to Developing Teaching and Scholarship (Team Award)
  • Saetnan, E. R. (2021) Impact of initial training on the teaching self-efficacy of aspiring academics. Developing Academic Practice Journal (in press)
  • Buckley, C., Saetnan, E., Gerber, A., Cheetham, J., Price, T., Kenyani, J., Greaves, A. (2020) Impact of writing workshops on doctoral student wellness. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, 20 DOI: 10.47408/jldhe.vi20.593
  • Saetnan, E. R. (2020) Graduate students’ motivations for participating in development workshops. Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 14(1): 117-136
  • Petichakis, C. Saetnan, E., Clark, L. (2019) The lived experiences of Research Fellows in a research-intensive university. Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education DOI: 10.1108/SGPE-03-2019-0027

External engagement

  • External Examiner at CPAD, University Hertfordshire

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