Molly Green PGR Profile picture

Postgraduate Research Student 

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology 


Molly obtained her BSc (with BPS Accreditation) at Liverpool John Moores in Policing Studies and Forensic Psychology, followed by an MSc in International and Transnational Policing. It was during her master’s when she realised her interest in modern slavery and human trafficking, which was the topic of her dissertation. She became a PhD candidate in October 2021 at the School of Law and Social Justice.


Molly’s research interests lie predominantly in modern slavery and human trafficking, organised crime, and policy. Her thesis explores human trafficking in the UK and the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and how victims of trafficking are affected by this piece of legislation in practice.

Working thesis title

Modern Slavery Act 2015: a Sociolegal Analysis of Anti-Trafficking Policy and Identifying Downfalls in Survivor Support in the UK

Dates of study

PhD Start Date: October 2021

PhD Completion Date: October 2024


Dr Carly Lightowlers and Dr Gabe Mythen

Research Summary

This research includes discussion on the UK’s leading anti-trafficking legislation and examines if victims are being appropriately protected and supported in practice, or if definitional issues and prosecution-oriented policy are obstructing this.