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Postgraduate Research Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology



Jane completed a BA (hons) in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Hull (1988-1991). She then achieved a PGCE in Social Sciences from MMU in 1991. This was followed by a teaching career in outstanding Sixth Form Colleges where she taught A levels. 
Assistant Examiner for AQA, Citizenship coordinator and trainee teacher mentor. 2017 Jane achieved a MSc in Counter Terrorism.


Jane began her PhD studentship in 2017 after a successful career in teaching in the Sixth Form Sector. She now studies part time alongside performing Graduate Teaching Assistant duties. Jane's research focuses on the enactment of the Prevent Duty Guidance since 2015 within Secondary Schools and Sixth Form Colleges. She is particularly interested in the extension of conventional safeguarding in schools to embrace the Prevent Duty Guidance, the responsibility of teachers to identify and report signs of radicalisation in their pupils and the impact of the Prevent Duty on the learner.

This qualitative research project builds on Jane's Master's dissertation which engaged teachers, from a broad  range of sectors and levels of expertise , in discussions around their own experiences of Prevent Duty  training and the practical performance of their new statutory duty.

Thesis title

'The Enactment of the Prevent Duty Guidance in Secondary Education in English Schools and Sixth Form Colleges'.


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