Eleanor Goodwin PGR student profile picture

Postgraduate Research Student 

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology



Eleanor was an undergraduate of Criminology at the University of Liverpool from 2016-2019, whereby she graduated with a First being awarded the Lundie Memorial Prize for the highest GPA in final year. This provided funding for the MA in Social Research Methods, which she completed at Liverpool with a Distinction in 2020. Currently, Eleanor is an ESRC NWSSDTP funded PhD candidate at the university, whilst also doing some teaching for both University of Liverpool and University of Manchester.  


Eleanor’s research interests lie predominantly in corporate crime, specifically corporate ecocide. Her thesis explores how a law of corporate ecocide may work best to halt the corporate destruction of the environment, whilst also looking at national state regulation of the environment and private climate litigation cases.

Thesis title

'Enshrining Corporate Ecocide in Law: Holding the Global Corporate Elite Accountable for Crimes against the Environment'.

Dates of study

PhD Start Date: October 2020
PhD Completion Date: October 2024


Professor David Whyte (Queen Mary University), Professor Nicholas Lord (University of Manchester) and Dr Phillip Brooker (University of Liverpool)

Research summary

Through the use of case studies, Eleanor’s research analyses what a law of corporate ecocide may look like if it was enshrined in law and what it would need to do to hold the global corporate elite accountable for crimes against the environment.