An ageing couple sat on a bench overlooking mountains.

Research Projects

Explore some of our recent and ongoing collaborative research projects.

Frailty and Ethnicity Frailty and Ethnicity Research Project Logo

Frailty and Ethnicity

An ESRC-funded collaborative research project exploring the relationship between ethnicity and the experience of frailty in old age.

Ageing in China An older woman walking with her walking stick by a river.

Ageing in China

The intersection of ageing and agency in transitional China - Professor Yu Song.

Menopause Two friends having a laugh on a bench.


Menopause and menopausal experiences in relation to gender, ethnicity, and healthcare.

Existential Loneliness in Old Age A solitary bench surrounded by trees.

Existential Loneliness in Old Age

The concept of loneliness among older people as they confront loss, uncertainty, and approach the end of life - Dr Chao Fang.

Ageing and End of Life Care in East Asia A sunset with flowers in the foreground.

Ageing and End of Life Care in East Asia

An ongoing initiative to explore culture, practice, and policy concerning death, dying, and bereavement in East Asian contexts - Dr Chao Fang.

Economics of Discrimination A collection of trolleys in an empty car park.

Economics of Discrimination

Exploring the economic landscape that shapes the experiences of older workers, working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all - Professor Ian Burn.