On this page you will find a growing number of anonymised datasets that we think you might find useful.

These data are generated by SAVSNET - the University of Liverpool Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network.
The data come from a sentinel network of veterinary practices across the UK - to whom we are massively grateful.

Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these data. However, complexities of the underlying dataset mean we can not guarantee their precisions. Any use of these data is at the risk of the user.

Acknowledgement: If you use these data plesae acknowledge their use this website.

SAVSNET sample data from veterinary practices

To help researchers understand SAVSNET data before applying through DAPP, the team prepared 4415 random consults to display online. This sample of 4415 consults were screened to remove information such as any potential identifiers or financial information that was entered into the electronic health record. Whilst the sample will have minimal research utility, it can be used to explore some of the data SAVSNET holds and help with developing applications for data access. In order to preserve anonymity, certain fields such as breed, age and treatments have also been removed. These, alongside patient sex, neuter status, geographical location and other fields can be requested as part of a full application for data.

We hope you find this dataset useful.  SAVSNET sample vet practice data


In the business of clincial practice, veterinarians and nurses use a lot of abbreviations in the clincial narratives. Here is a list of almost 300 common abbreviations that we have decoded as part of our research. Common medical abbreviations


Prescribing medicines is one of the main ways vets can treat and prevent disease. Understanding how often products are used can tell a lot about the health of a population. Here is a list of products prescirbed in 2021 during consultations with dogs, cats and rabbits. If you want a denominator, then in 2021 we received data on consultations with 272115 cats, 763646 dogs and 12638 rabbits. SAVSNET prescription data for 2021