Thank you for helping us with our recent questionnaire!

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Thank you for helping us with our recent questionnaire.  Some preliminary results are below.

We had 64 responses from vets, practice managers and vet nurses.

Nobody found the end of consult window hard, although some found the small number of options sometimes created a challenge.

However, one third of responders said the follow on questionnaires can take too long.

Of those using the portal, most found the information on antibiotic use most useful, helping them to make better use of antibiotics in their practice.

About half of responders found our surveillance reports in the Vet Record useful, although some felt the data was out of date by the time it was published.


How are we going to use the results?

We are going to consider new ways of collecting data on consultations that reduce the need for questionnaires.

We are currently producing a second version of the portal

We are starting a project (SAVSNet-Agile) with Dogs Trust support, that aims to speed up the access to SAVSNET outputs.