External resources

We have collated some useful external work/life balance resources for researchers.

  • The Balanced Researcher - A Vitae publication providing strategies for Researchers to achieve work/life balance
  • Work-Life Balance - Vitae provide a number of strategies to help Researchers get the balance right
  • Business Balls - A number of tools and additional resources to help with achieving a work/life balance
  • The Work Foundation - The Work Foundation (part of Lancaster University) has a variety of resources on work/life balance and flexible working, including related reports, news and blogs
  • Tips for Work/Life Balance - Jobs.ac.uk provide 10 tips for getting a work/life balance
  • Work/Life Balance News - The Huffington Post provides a useful page displaying the latest news stories relating to work/life balance
  • Working Families - Working Families, a charity to help working parents and carers achieve work/life balance. The website has a wealth of resources, including advice for parents on flexible working, tax credits and maternity & paternity leave
  • Gingerbread - A charity for single parents that provides a number of useful resources, such as information on childcare and other practical issues facing single parent families
  • Family Lives - A charity helping parents deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life.

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