Making an Impact 2022 special #3: Digital research and innovation

In this podcast we chat with Andrew Borland and Prof Daniel Arribas-Bel about how University led research and innovation is transforming cities.


Anthony Mtitimil is a Postdoc here at UoL and co-hosts this podcast alongside Alex Owen from The Academy.

Anthony is the Senior Partnerships and Innovation Manager and professional services lead for the institutional digital research and knowledge exchange theme. He supports the institutional digital theme academic leads to deliver the themes ambition across UoL.

Our Guests

Andrew Borland is the Commercialisation Manager at the Virtual Engineering Centre and Industrial Engagement Manager in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, UoL.

Prof Dani Arribas-Bel is the Deputy Programme Director in Urban Analytics and ESRC Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.

Dani Arribas-Bel is interested in computers, cities, and data. He is Professor in Geographic Data Science at the University of Liverpool, and Deputy Programme Director for Urban Analytics at the Alan Turing Institute, where he is also an ESRC Fellow. Prior to arriving at Liverpool in 2015, Dani held positions at the University of Birmingham (UK), the VU University in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Arizona State University (US), and Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain). He holds honorary positions at the University of Chicago's Center for Spatial Data Science, and the Center for Geospatial Sciences of the University of California Riverside. Dani's research combines modern computation with new forms of data to shed light on the spatial structure of cities. His research is published in journals such as PLOS ONE, Demography, Geographical Analysis, or Environment and Planning (A/B/C), and he is also member of the development team of PySAL, the Python library for spatial analysis. Dani currently serves as co-editor of the journal "Environment and Planning B - Urban Analytics & City Science” and the "Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A - Statistics in Society”, and chairs the Quantitative Methods Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society.

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