Physics of Star Wars

Proton torpedoes, hyperspace, and the Force – is this science fact or science fiction? The Physics of Star Wars events use iconic scenes from the films to introduce cutting-edge accelerator science to schools, students and the general public.


During the event the participants are transported into a galaxy, far, far away with an engaging lecture about ‘What is Science and what is Fiction’ in the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars-themed hands-on activities, accompanied by a special booklet, summarise in a fun and imaginative way the links between accelerator R&D  at the University of Liverpool / Cockcroft Institute and fantasy facts from the Star Wars universe.

The Physics of Star Wars events have reached millions around the world through national and international press coverage, appearances in local TV, as well as UK and US radio stations. A selection of press releases can be found below.


Selection of past events:

Physics of Star Wars, Lymm Festival, UK, June 29th 2022

Physics of Star Wars, University of Liverpool, UK, November 20th 2019

Physics of Star Wars, Cockcroft Institute, UK, October 11th 2018

Physics of Star Wars, University of Liverpool, UK, November 27th 2017


Physics of Star Wars in the press:

Teaching Times, The Science of Star Wars: Creative Physics Learning In a Galaxy That Isn't Far Far Away, March 29th 2020

Welt, Science-Fiction in der Realität, January 6th 2020

BBC Mundo, Star Wars: ¿cuánto es ciencia y cuánto es ficción en la exitosa saga?, December 23rd 2019

EconoTimes, Star Wars: From The Force to R2D2, does the science hold up?, December 22nd 2019

Gazete duvaR, Star Wars: Güç’ten R2D2’ya, bilimsel dayanakları var mı?, December 21st 2019

Generation Star Wars, Star Wars and The Rise of Accelerator Science, December 16th 2019

CORDIS, News, The Force is strong with EU-funded research, December 15th 2017

Coffee with Kenobi, The Physics of Star Wars — An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilised Age?, December 12th 2017

BBC Focus Magazine, How the science of Star Wars is turning fiction into fact, December 12th 2017


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