Our Staff in the media

Our staff appear frequently on TV and radio and contribute articles to national and international publications.  Read a summary of  their areas of expertise and follow them on Twitter to find out about their most recent appearances in the media.


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Jon Tonge

Professor Jon Tonge

Jon specialises in the politics of Northern Ireland, British parties and elections and is regularly interviewed on national TV and radio, including the BBC News Channel and BBC Radio 5 Live.

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Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg

Stuart is recognised as a leading expert on the UK democratic process, with many appearances on BBC radio and a regular slot on Radio City commenting on PMQs.

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Alex Balch

Dr Alex Balch

Alex specialises in international relations, immigration and human trafficking, regularly appearing on BBC radio and contributing articles to the New Statesman and Vice news.

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Andrew Crines

Andrew Crines

Andrew has contributed articles to The Conversation and Huffington Post and specialises in commentary on British politics.

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Erika Harris

Erika is internationally recognized as an expert on Central Europe, post-Soviet space and the Balkans, contributing articles and interviews to national and international media.

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