Business Continuity Policy

This policy enables the continuity of University activities, systems, facilities and processes, and where these are disrupted by any event to enable it to return to ‘normal’ operations as soon as possible, taking into account the impact of any delay on quality of service, reputation and finances.

The following responsibilities align with the ‘BCM@UoL’ framework adopted for use by the University of Liverpool Business Continuity Community to manage business continuity. 

The University is responsible for ensuring:

  • Systems and processes are in place to define and formalise the University’s approach and commitment to business continuity
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear in relation to business continuity planning and management
  • Proportionate governance arrangements for reporting on the University’s business continuity and emergency planning arrangements are defined and in place
  • Business continuity is aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan

Policy last updated: January 2021

Business Continuity Policy

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