Vehicle Parking Policy

This document brings together vehicle regulations, together with guidance on a whole series of related matters such as vehicle security, access, charges and other information

The University is committed to its environmental and social responsibilities, which includes the provision for sustainable travel. The spaces available for parking in University roads and car parks are becoming increasingly limited as campus developments progress.  It is therefore very important that we manage this resource efficiently and that we take steps to offer potential alternatives to the car. Whilst we will aim to work efficiently and speedily, the co-operation, goodwill and patience of all staff is essential to a satisfactory and economically viable outcome.

The University’s Regulations for the Control of Vehicles in the University’s Roads and Car Parks (Section 2) is intended to provide controls which will ensure safe and controlled use of the roads and parking facilities, with the aim of maintaining a convenient and sustainable environment for the University.

Your co-operation in complying with these Regulations is essential if we are to achieve this aim.


Policy last updated: 31 August 2018

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