Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy sets out the University’s commitment to ensuring that we build an institutional culture of sustainability that encompasses the interconnected economic, environmental and social factors.

The policy will be supported by a series of strategies focused on significant impact areas which set the management standards and provide action plans for delivery against set objectives.

The main responsibility for implementing this policy lies with the Senior Leadership Team. The Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, and Directors of Professional Services are responsible for ensuring compliance with the University Sustainability Policy within their areas of control. The University will actively monitor the performance of schools/institutes and departments in the implementation of the aims and objectives of this policy.

Whilst senior colleagues accept the main responsibility for implementing this policy, individuals also have a very important role in safeguarding the environment and acting in a socially responsible and financially ethical manner. Each of us should comply with this policy and set a personal example of good practice.


Policy last updated: 2020

Sustainability Policy

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