Holly Martin (Philosophy)

I studied a BA in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, graduating in 2015. Since then, I’ve trained to become a full time secondary school teacher, specialising in Religious Studies. Aside from this, I’ve taught A-Level Philosophy and Ethics, Geography, History and English. As well as working with the Performing Arts Department to help choreograph musicals and other stage shows!

My undergraduate dissertation was based on Tolstoy’s ‘What is Art?’ It discussed the extent to which an artwork can clearly affect our moral decisions, our moral compass and what we perceive as right and wrong? In October 2020, I’ll be returning to study whilst teaching, as I undergo an MA in Religious Studies. I’m excited to continue with my research, since I feel my undergraduate degree has successfully prepared me for both the ‘working world’ and further study.

At the University of Liverpool, I developed the ability to critically analyse arguments, think logically and rationally as well as question ethical and political principles imposed by others. I honed my love of reading, because I was introduced to texts that truly opened my eyes. What’s more, they made me view the world in a new and distinct way and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you to the University of Liverpool’s Philosophy Department.

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