Jack Symes

Jack Symes (Philosophy)

Jack teaches Philosophy at King Edward VI High School for Girls and runs the popular podcast The Panpsycast. Read more about Jack.

"Read as widely as you can and engage in philosophical discussions at every opportunity".

Jessica Alice Floyd (Philosophy and Politics)

Jessica graduated in 2010. She is currently a Senior Applied Behaviour Analysis Tutor at Treehouse School, London. Read more about Jessica.

"My course helped me develop invaluable skills which I use every day... it encouraged creativity and diverse ways of thinking - skills which are incredibly important in my field."

Mark Moreau (Philosophy)

Mark graduated in 2009. He is currently Product Manager, Business & Product Innovation Division, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. Read more about Mark.

"Philosophy is the queen of all the sciences, so there is almost always an opportunity to relate the subject matter of the journals and books I publish back to my own studies!"

Tim Scott (Philosophy)

Tim graduated in 1997. He is currently Head of People & Organisational Development at Brook. Read more about Tim.

"Studying Philosophy encourages critical thinking and develops the ability to construct (and use) an argument, both of which are essential in any number of careers and certainly in my line of work."

Olaf Stapledon

Olaf Stapledon (PhD in Philosophy)

Olaf Stapledon was awarded a PhD in Philosophy in 1925.

Read more about Olaf.