Rose Deku ( Mathematics and Philosophy)

Rose graduated with a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy and looks forward to starting her role as a Human Resources Graduate Analyst at BlackRock - a multinational investment management firm.

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Ash Huntsman (Law and Philosophy Studies)

Ashleigh graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Law Studies and has been working as a Global Content Management Executive Team with Deliveroo  following her graduation.

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Devon Motte

Devon Motte (Philosophy and Business Studies)

Devon graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Business Studies and has been working as a Digital Coach with the University of Liverpool Careers Team and as a Canvas (VLE) Coach following his graduation.

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Holly Martin

Holly Martin (Philosophy)

"At the University of Liverpool, I developed the ability to critically analyse arguments, think logically and rationally as well as question ethical and political principles imposed by others.".

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Michael Sonne

Michael Sonne (Philosophy)

"I have graduated from Trinity College Dublin MPhil Philosophy (Merit) and was published in the Trinity Postgraduate Review with an essay on Nietzsche and Transhumanism. 'I currently work in HR'.

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Jack Symes

Jack Symes (Philosophy)

Jack teaches Philosophy at King Edward VI High School for Girls and runs the popular podcast The Panpsycast.

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"Read as widely as you can and engage in philosophical discussions at every opportunity".