Rachael Gibson

Thesis title: Music As Touch: rethinking the Composer-Performer-Audience hierarchy through a practice-based exploration of tactile approaches to music making and engagement. (Working Title)

University email: rgibson@liverpool.ac.uk

Biography: Rachael is a guitarist and composer who started her PhD at the University in October 2022. She is currently undertaking a practice-based composition project funded by the NWCDTP which will explore new ways to notate and musically interrogate the relationship between touch and performance. The resulting compositions will be guided by three interrelated aims: 1) encouraging substantive and sustained contributions from performers and the audience; 2) breaking down the barriers of participation with respect to performative complexity, and; 3) engendering wider community engagement within contemporary music.


  • Contemporary Composition
  • Improvisation and alternative notation
  • Haptic interaction
  • Music technology
  • New interfaces for musical expression

External links: http://rgibsonmusic.co.uk

Supervisors: Dr Ben Hackbarth & Dr Jonathan Crossley