Nina Himmelreich

Thesis Title: Gender Equality in the German Music Industry

University email:

I moved to Liverpool in 2014 to complete a foundation certificate in Popular Music and Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where I continued to study a BA in Music from 2015-2018. Following my studies and first professional experiences I decided to pursue an MA in music industry studies in 2018 at the University of Liverpool, to further develop my knowledge and interest in the music industry. I have now returned to complete my PhD here.
My research interest is deeply influenced by my experiences as a woman in music, as a musician and manager. I have been part of several bands and musical projects, have signed record deals, toured and worked on a professional level. This has given me an insight into what issues persist in the industry with regards to gender equality, which is what motivated me to research the topic of Gender Equality in the German Music Industry for my doctoral thesis.
I am a member of the F-List research hub. Since 2022 I release a yearly list of local women in music for International Women’s Day. I also host a radio show on Melodic Distractions, where I showcase music and work by local women in music and present my research.

Teaching and Learning:
I have been teaching and tutoring German since 2017. And am excited to gain more experience teaching in the field of music industry research.

Feminism and fighting for equality in the music industry are topics that deeply resonate with me. I want to play an active part in overcoming the barriers women face. I want to work towards an industry that has equal opportunities for all. Completing a PhD on the topic at the University of Liverpool will enable me to develop the relevant expertise and deepen my knowledge, while actively contributing research to further gender equality in the music industry.

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