Elizabeth Hunt

Thesis working title: A New Synchresis: The Recontextualisation of Moving Image Media in Live Concert Performance

University email: bethhunt@liverpool.ac.uk

Biography: I am a part-time PhD student in my fifth year of study. I have been a member of the University of Liverpool's Music Department for over a decade now! I started my undergraduate, for which I received first class honours, in Music/Popular Music in 2012. Following this, I returned to study for my MRes in Arts (Music) which I received a Distinction for. My Masters research focussed on orchestral concerts of video game music and this was the impetus to continue and expand on this for my PhD and include concerts of film and television music within my research. This means that my research covers a wide range of topics which include nostalgia, repertoire, and adaptation theory. Some of the most exciting parts of my research are attending concerts, digging through orchestras' archives, and creating a language to talk about a very niche and new topic!
Teaching and learning: I currently work as Graduate Teaching Assistant on the modules Music in Gaming and Music of John Williams. I have also previously worked on the Music Industry module.

Conference papers:

Concerts and the Self-Mythologising of the Disney Brand (Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference 2022)

A History of Film Music in Concerts: Moving Image Music’s Journey to the Concert Hall (BARN Virtual 2022)

A New Synchresis: The Recontextualisation of Music from Audiovisual Media in Live Performance (BARN Virtual 2021)

Identity and the Audience: Concerts of Moving Image Soundtracks (University of Huddersfield RMA Study Day 2019)

Video Game Music in the Concert Hall: Nostalgia, Canon and Interactivity(Royal Music Association’s 53rd Annual Conference 2017)

Video Games Live and the Gamification of the Symphony Orchestra (Ludo2017)


FORTHCOMING in 2023. Video Games Live and the Gamification of the Orchestral Concert Experience in The Oxford Handbook of Video Game Music & Sound ed. William Gibbons.

2022. ‘My Childhood is in Your Hands’: Videogame concerts as Commodified and Tangible Nostalgic Experiences’ in Nostalgia and Videogame Music: A primer of Case Studies, Theories, and Analyses for the Player-Academic ed. Can Aksoy, Vincent E. Rone and Sarah Pozderac-Chenevey.

2017, ‘Darkness Falls Across the Land’: Pre-Existing Music and Strange Associations.’ In Media Res. [blog]

Interests: My research interests largely focus on music from audiovisual media meaning music from films, video games and television. This stems from a lifelong interest in video games which my undergraduate degree showed me that I could use in an academic setting so that I could write about things I'm passionate about.

Supervisors: Dr Giles Hooper and Dr Paul Turowski