Photo of Professor Terry McNulty

Professor Terry McNulty PhD, BA (Hons)

Professor of Management and Corporate Governance Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Professor McNulty currently teaches 'Corporate Governance and Sustainability' (ULMS 718) on the Liverpool MBA.

He is working with colleagues at INSEAD to develop the teaching of governance using Virtual Reality and Immersive pedagogical experiences

Professor McNulty has extensive experience and expertise in the subject areas of corporate governance, board effectiveness, strategic management and organisational change and has taught at Executive MBA, MBA, MSc and UG programme levels. He is also experienced as an external examiner for PhD and Masters qualifications. Currently he is an external examiner for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the Judge Institute, University of Cambridge and also for Certificate study at the Institute of Directors. Modules and programmes taught by Professor McNulty in Schools of Business and Management in the UK and Europe include:

Leadership, Management and Organisation (MBA)

“Corporate Governance”, MSc Management

“Strategic Organisation”, MSc Management,

"Masters in Research Methods Module: Mixed Methods"

“Organizing and Managing For Performance”. Executive MBA

“Organizational Behaviour and the Management of Change”. Part-time MBA.

"Organization and Managerial Effectiveness", Executive MBA,

“Understanding Organisations”. Undergraduate

Modules for 2023-24

Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Module code: ULMS718

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Strategy and Governance

Module code: EXED527

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Strategy and Governance

Module code: EXED526

Role: Module Co-ordinator

Strategy and Governance

Module code: EXED528

Role: Module Co-ordinator