Our team

We work together as an integrated team of principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, technicians and postgraduate students, with a broad national and international collaborative network.

Academic staff

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Jane Hurst

Professor Jane Hurst

William Prescott Professor of Animal Science

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Paula Stockley

Professor Paula Stockley

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

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Jakob Bro-Jorgensen

Dr Jakob Bro-Jorgensen

Senior Lecturer

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Postdoctoral fellows

Other research staff

Postgraduate students

  • Melanie Baker (2021-2025) Quantifying ecological impacts and long-term sustainability of The Cheshire Beaver Project.
  • Amelia Hobson (2023-2024) The use of automated technology in zoo management.
  • Alice Clark (2019-2023) Reproductive suppression in mammals: social mediators and implications for conservation.
  • Clare Jones (2020-2024) Reducing harm to wildlife from rodent pest control strategies.
  • Sam Morris (2021-2025) Female competition and maternal effects in a social mammal.
  • Ryan Nolan (2020-2024) Non-aversive handling techniques for laboratory mice.
  • Susie Phillips (2021-2025) Using population genetics and scent deposits to inform recovery strategies for a threatened UK mammal.
  • Kim van de Wiel (2019-2023) Gastrointestinal parasite transmission at the wildlife-livestock interface and its implications for management.