Our team

We work together as an integrated team of principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, technicians and postgraduate students, with a broad national and international collaborative network.

Academic staff

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Jane Hurst

Professor Jane Hurst

William Prescott Professor of Animal Science

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Paula Stockley

Professor Paula Stockley

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

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Jakob Bro-Jorgensen

Dr Jakob Bro-Jorgensen

Senior Lecturer

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Rob Beynon

Professor Rob Beynon

Chair of Proteomics, based in the Centre for Proteome Research

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Postdoctoral fellows

Other research staff

Postgraduate students

  • Rhiannon Bolton, NERC PhD student
  • Emma Cartledge, (2018-2022) Conservation ecology of a reintroduced dormouse population
  • Holly Coombes, (2016-2020) Genetic signals underlying individual and kin recognition
  • Giacomo D'Ammando, (2016-2020) Evolutionary ecology of antipredator communication systems
  • Callum Duffield, (2017-2021) Social competition within and between groups
  • Katherine Finch (2017- 2018) Effects of kinship on reproductive suppression
  • Natalie Koch BBSRC CASE student (also based in the Centre for Proteome Research)
  • Grace Loxley, BBSRC PhD student (based in Centre for Proteome Research)
  • Dale Page (2016-2017) Effects of early life experience on social behaviour
  • Iris Wagner, PhD student (based in Centre for Proteome Research)
  • Rutendo Wazara, PhD student