Amelia Hobson

MRes student

Personal Interests

My main research interests focus on informing on and improving the welfare of captive wild animals living within zoological collections. During my undergraduate degree I completed a one-year internship at Chester Zoo where I worked across many taxa to collect and analyse behavioural data which informed evidence-based management plans. Additionally, I established a research project into the efficient marking of snail shells to be used in post release monitoring of the Madeiran land snail. Upon completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, I completed a research internship at ZSL. Here, I established a strong behavioral baseline for their chimpanzee troop, both during visitor hours and throughout the night.


For my MRes, I am researching how new technology can be used to understand how individuals are using resources within a group or mixed species exhibit. I am delighted to be completing this research in partnership with Chester Zoo to understand how exhibit spaces are used and to aid in the non-invasive management of the species.

Education & Career

  • Great Ape Research Intern, Whipsnade Zoo, ZSL (2023)
  • Behaviour and Welfare Intern, Chester Zoo (2021-2022)
  • BSc (Hons), Zoology with Professional Placement, University of Exeter (2019-2023)

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