Photo of Dr Vassilis Tzevelekos

Dr Vassilis Tzevelekos PhD & MRes (EUI), MA (College of Europe), DEA (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), LLB (Athens)

Reader in Law (Associate Professor) Law


Theory of Public International Law and Human Rights Protection

Vassilis' research interests lie in the area of Public International Law and International/European Human Rights Protection. In the past he has worked on projects studying theories of international law, such as the constitutionalisation and the humanisation of the international legal order, law making in international law (in particular international customary law) and the normative foundations of the international legal order, the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, jurisdiction, state responsibility, the principle of due diligence, treaty interpretation and the interaction between the regimes of human rights law and other special regimes, such as investment law, or general international law. He is currently working on a SNIS-funded multidisciplinary project on the European consensus method of interpretation in human rights law employing law, political science and computer science.

Vassilis would be happy to supervise prospective doctoral candidates with an interest in public international law and in human rights protection.