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Professor Michael Gordon



Selected Publications

  1. Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK Constitution: Process, Politics and Democracy (Book - 2015)
  2. Referendums in the UK Constitution: Authority, Sovereignty and Democracy after Brexit (Journal article - 2020)
  3. The New Labour Constitution: Twenty Years On (Book - 2022)
  4. A Positivist and Political Approach to Public Law (Chapter - 2022)
  5. Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law (Book - 2021)
  6. The Manner and Form Theory of Parliamentary Sovereignty: A Response to Jeffrey Goldsworthy (Journal article - 2021)
  7. Ministerial Irresponsibility in the UK Government: Constitutional Accountability after Theresa May and Boris Johnson (Journal article - 2024)
  8. Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Political Constitution(s): from Griffith to Brexit (Journal article - 2019)