Photo of Dr John Tribe

Dr John Tribe LL.B. LL.M. PGCE (FHEA). Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Law Law


Selected Publications

  1. The Patronage Bargain and English and Welsh Charity Law: Non Liquet or Vacuous Theory? (Journal article - 2020)
  2. Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence and the Renaissance of English and Welsh Insolvency Law Reform (Journal article - 2020)
  3. Deploying Communitarianism Bankruptcy Theory to Rescue Insolvent Charities and Maintain Charitable Purposes (Chapter - 2020)
  4. The Origins and Development of the Office of Registrar in Bankruptcy of the High Court (Journal article - 2019)
  5. Consumer protection problems created by the structure of English personal insolvency law. (Chapter - 2016)
  6. Parliamentarians and Bankruptcy: The Disqualification of MPs and Peers from Sitting in the Palace of Westminster (Journal article - 2014)
  7. The Extension of Small Company Voluntary Arrangements: A Response to the Conservative Party's Corporate Restructuring Proposals (Chapter - 2017)
  8. The Poulson Affair: Corruption and the Role of Bankruptcy Law Public Examinations in the Early 1970s (Journal article - 2010)
  9. Company voluntary arrangements and rescue: a new hope and a Tudor orthodoxy. (Journal article - 2009)