Dr Craig Purshouse LLB, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer Law


    Selected Publications

    1. Is 'conversion therapy' tortious? (Journal article - 2022)
    2. Flourishing Under Private Law? A Critique of McBride’s Explanatory Theory (Journal article - 2021)
    3. Think of the Children: Liability for Non-disclosure of Information Post-Montgomery (Journal article - 2020)
    4. The Problem of Unenforceable Surrogacy Contracts: Can Unjust Enrichment Provide a Solution? (Journal article - 2018)
    5. Utilitarianism as tort theory: countering the caricature (Journal article - 2018)
    6. Arrested Development: Police Negligence and the Caparo 'Test' for Duty of Care (Journal article - 2016)
    7. Liability for Lost Autonomy in Negligence: Undermining the Coherence of Tort Law? (Journal article - 2015)