Photo of Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley

Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley Ph.D; LL.M; PGCE; BA (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Law Law


Selected Publications

  1. Using Community-Based Truth Commissions to Address Poverty and Related Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Violations: The UK Poverty Truth Commissions as Transformative Justice (Journal article - 2022)
  2. ‘Exploring the local: vernacularizing economic and social rights for peacebuilding within the Protestant/Unionist borderland community in Northern Ireland’ (Journal article - 2019)
  3. Making Economic and Social Rights Matter in the Neoliberal Peacebuilding Agenda (Chapter - 2018)
  4. Reclaiming the Peacebuilding Agenda: Economic and Social Rights as a Legal Framework for Building Positive Peace - A Human Security Plus Approach to Peacebuilding (Journal article - 2016)
  5. Foregrounding Socioeconomic Rights in Transitional Justice: Realising Justice for Violations of Economic and Social Rights (Journal article - 2014)
  6. The Human Right to Water and its Application in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Book - 2011)