Getting started

You can find guidance on getting started with Stream Capture using the links below. For information and support with using Stream Capture, please contact the IT Service Desk

Stream Capture is available in selected teaching rooms. IT Services is responsible for planned rollout to these shared, central, teaching spaces. The tool is available to install via the Managed Windows Service (MWS) on staff PCs and laptops and can be used, for example, to prepare teaching materials.

Stream Capture - launching Stream Capture  

Launch Stream Capture

Find out how to open Stream Capture from PCs where it is available

  Stream Capture - getting started (main menu)  

Main menu

Change settings and configure your options before you start recording

Stream Capture - recording types  

Recording types

Discover the range of methods you can use to record content

  Stream Capture - recording  


Manage your recording and make it available through

Watch the video demo of how to use stream capture

This video guides you through using the stream capture application to record your lecture.