Photo of Prof Andy Jones

Prof Andy Jones Bsc, MRes, PhD

Professor of Bioinformatics Functional and Comparative Genomics


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • From Pathway Discovery to Re-engineering
    • Meta-Analysis
    • Delivering a production platform and datlas for nexr generation biomarker dicovery, validation and assay development in clinical proteomics
    • Pathfinder – exploring the commercial market for multi-omics analysis software
    • Pathfinder – market research for lcmsWorld
    • lcmsWorld – multi-dimensional visualisation for mass spectrometry
    • NonLinear Dynamics Case award
    • Bayesian Quantitative Proteomics
    • Bioinformatics infrastructure for linking proteomics and genomics to support next-generation rice research
    • Biology from bioinformatics: developing a suite of data analytical and visualisations tools downstream of quantitative mass spectrometry workflows.
    • Sparking Impact
    • PROCESS - Proteomics data Collection, Software and Standards to support open access and long term management of data
    • ProteomeXchange: International Data Exchange and Data Representation Standards for Proteomics
    • An integrated open source software resource for quantitative proteomics
    • The PPP-labels software for quantitative proteomics
    • ProteoGenomics: dynamic linkage of genomes and proteomes through Ensembl and ProteomeXchange
    • Informatics tools for exploiting ion mobility mass spectral data in proteomics
    • Developing proteome-bioinformatics methods for a large scale refinement of gene models in Apicomplexan parasites
    • ProteoFormer – a software toolkit for top-down proteomics
    • NIH National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases
    • Open source pipelines for integrated metabolomics analysis by NMR and mass spectrometry
    • A Europe-wide Strategy to enhance Transplantation of highly sensitized patients on basis of Acceptable HLA Mismatches (EUROSTAM)
    • Building the PTM map of the human genome through commensal computing

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