Photo of Professor Gina Pinchbeck

Professor Gina Pinchbeck BVSc Cert ES PhD Dip ECVPH MRCVS

Professor in Veterinary Epidemiology Livestock & One Health


    I teach veterinary epidemiology and evidenced based medicine to both undergraduates and postgraduate veterinary surgeons. I also teach research skills and supervise undergraduate and masters research projects.

    I co lead the Academy of Medical Sciences INSPIRE Award and coordinate vacation studentships for the University of Liverpool Veterinary School.

    Undergraduate and post graduate epidemiology

    Modules for 2023-24

    Animals & Human Society - Social Sciences, Animal Health & Contemporary Issues

    Module code: VETS699

    Role: Teaching


    Module code: VETS652

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health

    Module code: LIFE328

    Role: Teaching

    Supervised Theses