Photo of Professor Gina Pinchbeck

Professor Gina Pinchbeck BVSc Cert ES PhD Dip ECVPH MRCVS

Professor in Veterinary Epidemiology Livestock & One Health


    Research Overview

    My research spans several areas drawing on expertise in quantitative epidemiology as well as qualitative methods and clinical veterinary research. I am involved with a number of equine health and welfare projects including addressing welfare issues in aged horses, equine colic, obesity and laminitis. I have also led and contributed to numerous projects describing and quantifying the issues relating to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial use in the both farmed and companion animals. This work is now expanding to address this problem globally taking a One Health approach.

    I am also a core team member of Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network ( and the Equine Veterinary Surveillance network which collect large volumes of companion animal electronic health data from veterinary practitioners and diagnostic laboratories across the UK to use for a wide range of research and surveillance activities including infectious disease and antimicrobial use and resistance.

    I also research working equid health in developing countries which has involved collaboration with several NGO’s to address disease and burden of disease as well owner education of working equid populations.

    Research Interest 1

    My research interests are in the application of quantitative epidemiological studies to improve animal (and indirectly human) health and welfare. The majority of my research is in equine and companion animals and particular areas of interest include antimicrobial resistance and zoonosis, athletic injury in horses, colic in horses and health and welfare of working equidae in developing countries.