Professor Diana Cullell in discussion with a student

Choose a minor subject

What is a minor?

Students on most Single Honours* degrees take a minor subject in Year 1. Minors form 25% (30 credits) of your first-year studies. Choosing a minor enables you to:

  • Broaden your horizons and take advantage of new intellectual possibilities
  • Develop new skills
  • Continue a passion for a subject you have always enjoyed
  • Take modules outside your major subject that will complement your studies
  • Increase your employability - employers always look for graduates with a broad set of skills.

How does it work?

You need to take 120 credits in a year. 90 of these credits come from your major (75%) subject area and the remaining 30 credits come from your minor (25%) subject.

As part of your minor, you can study either two 15-credit modules or one 30-credit module across the semesters. Most minor subjects are made up of two required 15-credit modules but there are some minor subjects where you are offered a choice of modules from two or more options.

We offer flexibility. If you wish, you can continue with your minor subject after Year 1. You will be transferred onto a 75/25 programme or, if you really enjoy your minor, a Joint 50/50 programme, which will be reflected in your degree certificate.

You must pass your minor subject to proceed to Year 2.

Which subjects are available as minors?

We offer the following subjects as minors:

Find out more about minor subjects in our School on our Minor Subject Factsheet (pdf download) or watch our video playlist to hear from students about studying a minor with us.

When is registration?

Your choices are important. Start to think carefully about your minor subject now. You will receive an email in August with a form to complete to choose your minor.

*Exceptions and special arrangements

Students on the following Single Honours degrees are not eligible to take a minor subject in Year 1:

  • Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Modern European Languages.

Students coming into our Single Honours Hispanic Studies degree with A-level Spanish may do an optional minor subject; for Beginners in Spanish Language on this degree a minor subject is required