UK Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children

The UK Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children (EATC4Children), is the only paediatric centre of its kind in the country.

It is a unique consortium, led by the team in Liverpool, along with colleagues in Bristol and Sheffield, that was created in 2014 to deliver translational biomedical research for children and young people, from early lab-based studies to clinical trials.

The Centre is tackling childhood arthritis and its associated sight-threatening uveitis, painful metabolic, inflammatory or orthopaedic bone conditions, childhood-onset lupus, childhood scleroderma, juvenile dermatomyositis, childhood Behcet’s syndrome, and renal inflammatory conditions such as childhood immunoglobulin A vasculitis.

EATC4Children logoAll paediatric inflammatory disorders, especially those that the EATC4children focuses on, impose a significant burden on the quality-of-life and mental wellbeing of children and young people affected, their families, and the adults they will become.

These conditions require complex treatments looked after by a multi-disciplinary team, in which medicines target the body’s immune system and, whilst effective, can themselves have significant potential side effects.

How you can help

Donations to the EATC4Children will fund much needed research into developing new diagnostic tools, introducing new treatment strategies, and subsequently improving the quality of life and disease outcomes for children.

The disorders that the EATC4Children studies affect children across the world. Our Centre works in close collaboration with many centres of expertise in the UK, Europe and across the globe to make a difference for all. Though the conditions are rare, they have a profound impact on the children affected, and understanding what causes them and how best to treat them can give us great insight into tackling more common diseases, helping to develop new diagnostic tools and new treatments.

You can make a difference by making a donation to the UK Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children.

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