Outputs and Events

Timetable of meetings
January 2019: MAST-NET kick-off meeting, Liverpool, UK
November 2019: MAST-NET meeting with MASTIF project, Grenoble, France (plus MASTREE+ meeting)
Summer 2020: ExperiMAST workshop, Cambridge, UK (cancelled – Covid-19)
December 2021: MAST-NET final meeting, Liverpool, UK 

This list will be updated with publications, conference presentations and datasets linked to MAST-NET

Bogdziewicz, M., Kelly, D., Thomas, P., Lageard, J., Hacket-Pain, A. 2020. Climate warming disrupts mast seeding and its fitness benefits in European beech, Nature Plants, 6, 88-94

Bogdziewicz, M., Ascoli, D., Hacket-Pain, A., Koenig, W.D., Pearse, I., Pesendorfer, M., Satake, A., Thomas, P., Vacchiano, G., Wohlgemuth, T., Tanentzap, A. 2020. From theory to experiment in mast seeding: an agenda for an experimental ecology. Ecology Letters, 23, 210-220

Ascoli, D. Hacket‐Pain, A. LaMontagne, J.M. … Pearse, I.S., Vacchiano, G. 2020. Climate teleconnections synchronize Picea glauca masting and fire disturbance: Evidence for a fire‐related form of environmental prediction. Journal of Ecology, 108, 1186-1198
Featured on The Journal of Ecology blog 

Bogdziewicz, M., Kelly, D., Tanentzap, A.J., Thomas, P., Lageard, J., Hacket-Pain, A. 2020. Climate change strengthens selection for mast seeding in European Beech. Current Biology, 30, 3477-3483.e2
Featured in a Current Biology Dispatch 

Bogdziewicz, M., Hacket-Pain, A., Kelly, D., Thomas, P.A., Lageard, J. and Tanentzap, A.J. (2021), Climate warming causes mast seeding to break down by reducing sensitivity to weather cues. Global Change Biology, 27: 1952-1961
Featured as a Communications Biology Research Highlight 

Hacket-Pain, A & Bogdziewicz, M. 2021. Climate change and plant reproduction: trends and drivers of mast seeding change. Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B, B3762020037920200379

Dale, E.E., Foest, J.J., Hacket-Pain A, Bogdziewicz, M. & Tanentzap, A.J. 2021. Macroevolutionary consequences of mast seeding. Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B, B3762020037220200372 

The MAST-NET project also led to the development of a special issue on masting in Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B, titled “The ecology and evolution of synchronised reproduction in long-lived plants” .