Our five objectives are: 

1. Develop a toolkit for identifying the historic character of landscapes and places that can support resilient decision making with engaged communities. Through project partners Historic England the GIS-based toolkit will be used to inform future climate resilience planning by Historic England the Environment Agency, local authorities and communities; it will also be made freely available to support local community groups as a legacy output.

2. Co-develop with partners (Staffordshire Record Office and the Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean Siar) mobile ‘pop-up’ exhibitions designed to engage with, and capture, current perceptions of climate change and resilience exhibited through lived experiences in differing and varied communities

3. Explore how social memory of, and adaptations to, past events may have influenced perceptions of vulnerability and adaptation, which have then framed local discourses and behaviour to climate resilience

4. Examine how experiences of climate adaptation and resilience in landscapes and communities are changing, reflecting both incremental imperceptible and abrupt changes

5. Co-ordinate a series of workshops for partner staff, environment agencies and interested groups in applying the toolkit to their region/area. We will undertake a series of outreach events that will communicate understandings of climate vulnerability, and follow up through these events to capture local oral histories of current climate adaptation and resilience in different communities.