Data Driven Models and Data Fusion

For most of the flight envelope the conventional approach to aerodynamic modelling is likely to be satisfactory. CFD can be used to generate the data for populating tabular or derivative type models. This has two potential benefits namely

  • Reduce dependence on wind tunnel testing
  • Allow S+C analysis to play a full role in aircraft design

An effort is underway in the FP6 project SimSAC to establish a process for exploiting CFD in this context. The key feature is that data from different sources (eg DATCOM, linear potential, Euler, RANS) are fused to provide one table of aerodynamic forces and moments. Sampling is used to limit the number of costly high fidelity simulations.

aeroflowchartdl.jpg (57kB)

demondl.jpg (125kB)

dlrf12dl.jpg (156kB)

Chart showing flow of data and aerodynamic model building

Picture of UAV

Picture of DLR F12

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