Photo of Professor Richard Chiverrell

Professor Richard Chiverrell PhD (Leeds) SFHEA

Professor in Physical Geography Geography and Planning


Personal Statement

Professor in Physical Geography and Head of the Department of Geography and Planning . I lead research several fronts: dynamics, rate and control of ice-sheet decline, the controls on sediment flux to slopes, rivers and lakes, and links between earth surface processes and human activity. I research.....
• Past glaciations by modelling geomorphological time series and using the glacial geology and geomorphology.
• Pace and dynamics of the British-Irish Ice Sheet (BIIS) during marginal retreat >34,000 years ago to form the basis for robust testing of glaciological models.
• Testing links between environment and human decision making at the first sedentary site in the Near East, The Unfamiliar Landscapes Project.
• Variations in mineral and sediment calibre supply to lakes to build millennial duration records of flood history.
• Catchment and basin (lake or reservoir) responses to extreme events - wildfires, floods etc.
• Geochemical records from lakes and wetlands to understand nutrient dynamics, ecosystem functioning and responses to land cover change.